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Again and again and again...

How to activate TheHeatSeat™

  1. Grap the the HeatPad at the metal clicker and click the clicker between your fingers – Note: The clicker is hard to click the first few times
  2. Spin the HeatPad for fast activation/crystalizing of the heating substance inside the HeatPad
  3. Put the HeatPad into the inner pouch – Note: Look inside the inner pouch to determine the insulating layer/side of the pouch (the side with aluminium foil). This side should be facing down towards the seat underneath you for max effect when you are sitting on TheHeatSeat™. When being under the HeatPad the insulating layer will prevent heat from disappearing into the seat underneath you and instead send the heat towards your body
  4. Put the inner pouch into the outer cover and TheHeatSeat™ is ready for use


Again and again and again...

How to re-activate TheHeatSeat™

  1. Unzip TheHeatSeat™ to remove the plastic heat pad from the inner pouch
  2. Fold the HeatPad once and put it into the BoilingBag
  3. Place the BoilingBag in water and boil for 15 minutes
  4. Put the HeatPad back into the inner pouch until the next time you want to use TheHeatSeat™


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